Aberration In Melancholy

by Emily Jones

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A unique departure from predictable melancholia, this music explores a story about the loss of connection to the heart, soul, people, and the earth. With bombardment from media and through addiction to the Internet and mobile devices we are experiencing soul-loss, and disconnect from our natural environment. We are forgetting about compassion, real people, and what really matters most - Love.

These melancholy messages are brought to you through many instruments, and through the fine work of several individuals. Softly, suggestively, surprisingly, loudly, gently, curiously you will go on this journey.
It is my hope that this dark music will also inspire hope, peace, gentleness, and a desire to re-connect. So it is not a true melancholy, just an aberration.


released February 29, 2012

Emily performs on Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Native American and bamboo flutes, and Fujara.
Drums and percussion by Steve Riley
Electric Guitar on "Empty Eyes" by Michael J. Langley
Music and Lyrics by Emily Jones

Recorded, Orchestrated, Mixed, Produced by Emily Jones at Strange Haven Studio, Pennsylvania USA
Drums recorded by Steve Riley at Drum Studio, Los Angeles USA
"Empty Eyes" electric guitar recorded by Michael J. Langley at Big Noise Audio Studio, Derbyshire UK

Mastering by John Elleson-Hartley at MUSIKLAB, UK

Cover photography and design by Emily Jones
Written and Recorded January - December 2011

℗© 2012 Emily Jones



all rights reserved


Emily Jones Pennsylvania

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Track Name: In The Box They Argue
Silent sunrise
But I sit alone, as no one takes notice again

Chimneys breathe
But I walk alone, under a cold canopy

Flickering picture (in the box they argue)
Of caged animals
Despairing pleas (so trivial)
To a dead monarchy
In the box they argue (flickering picture)
So trivial
In my head
I scream

Kitchen whistles
Waking reverie, I drown my thoughts with tea

Ticking time-bomb
Black metronome, counting measures 'til we're gone
Track Name: Empty Eyes
Fools the day, to waste away
To the droning sound, I daresay
Empty eyes, stare mindlessly
Contemplate vacantly

Fill the void with violence
Lose the soul to vagrance
Fill the void with arrogance
Lose the heart to substance

I used to think better of you, but that was long ago
I used to sit in the old oak tree, had a pleasant hilly view
I used to think better of you, but that was long ago
I used to feel with a child's eyes

I used to draw in circles and runes, left messages for you
I used to dance without a care, it's not like that anymore
I used to think better of you, but that was long ago
Now you sit with empty eyes
Track Name: Go Slower
Picture changes on the piano
A different face every time
Digital dots all together
Uploaded memories of mine

Go Slower

We don't talk on the telephone
And I never see your face
You're just a name, a daydream
Floating in my social stream

Go Slower

Shut inside all summer
3D movies on the screen
How could I know?
How could I see?
That fall had come early

Go Slower
Track Name: Dead In The Meadow
Moth to a picture, burning wings
How could it mean anything?
Let them fly, poisoning
How could it cause suffering?

They won't listen, pulling strings
We're not going anywhere
Voice on the line, taunting me
You need to be like society

Fly to the meadow on shredded wings
Heart full of arrows, fall to your knees
Pretty moth to the flame, a dangerous game
Head in the gallows, it ends the same

Dead in the meadow, let them be

Clouds sail, peacefully
So high above me, breathe

Dead in the meadow, let me be
Track Name: Just Bones
Plastic is the face
Delirious and strange
Rain on porcelain
To never speak again

I wrote it down instead
Tied it up in blue
Really should have known
It'd make no sense to you

Hopelessly mislead
Buried beneath the shed
Adulterated mind
However they will find

Lose your soul to the drone
Collective torpid unknown
Barely glancing outside
There's nothing in your eyes